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How to switch

This page describes how to switch from the org.lesscss:lesscss-maven-plugin (by Marcel Overdijk) to this plugin. To minimize the number of steps while switching, the plugin is designed to use parameters with the same names with concrete default values. Steps:

  1. change groupId to the biz.gabrys.maven.plugins
  2. change version to the 1.2.0
  3. remove lessJs parameter (does not exist)
  4. correct watchInterval parameter value (now contains seconds and default value is 5 instead of the 1)

Main difference

The main difference between org.lesscss:lesscss-maven-plugin and biz.gabrys.maven.plugins:lesscss-maven-plugin is that this plugin uses working directory which store internal data. This causes, that the plugin requires more space on disk, but it fully supports Less 1.7.5.